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Kevin F. Montague | Bursting the Bubble I

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Bursting the Bubble I

by Kevin F. Montague

ALBUM: Real sounding music without real musicians. All instrumentals: Created using the EnergyXT2.5 computer program. Originally composed, assorted popular themes. Music you can dance to, party to, drive to, use as background music or just have fun with!
Genre: Electronic: Dance
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  Song Share Time Download
1. On The Down Low
3:14 $1.25
2. UFO Abduction
3:44 $1.25
3. Orbital Dance
5:06 $1.25
4. The Twilight Ballad
4:26 $1.25
5. Spy By Starlight
4:15 $1.25
6. Strutting the Walk
4:58 $1.25
7. Tribal War Dance
4:00 $1.25
8. Romance Under Moonlight
4:58 $1.25
9. Dune's Theme
4:30 $1.25
10. Dove of the Blue Waters
6:14 $1.25
11. Dew in the Morning Sky
4:28 $1.25
12. The Sweetness of God's Spirit
4:12 $1.25
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Album Notes

November 25, 2015

“Bursting the Bubble I” - Press Release:
Composer & Sound Engineer: Kevin F. Montague

See the commercial ads posted at:

See photos of the first production run on my facebook page:

Liner Notes:

Imagine if you will, you are back in the 1970's; when vinyl records were the buzz word of the music industry. Now imagine, what that time period might have been like, if plasma screen televisions, the Internet, electronic keyboards and microwave ovens were not something you read about in Science Magazine in the 1960’s? What might the time period have been like, if those items existed back then? Keep in mind a kid's school scientific calculator cost $200 back in the 1970's, which was equivalent to a full mortgage payment on your house these days or about $4,000. Now you can buy those calculators for $20 a pop at any electronics section of any store, like they were coming out of a gumball machine. Today's generation of kids and young adults can not even imagine what it would have been like to have to have worked solely with a slide rule to help them do their chemistry or math homework, given the personal computer didn't even exist back in those years. If you are a young adult or kid reading this write up, what’s a slide rule you might ask? Look it up on Wikipedia! The only computer you did use was the one God gave you in your head, which really wasn't so bad, because it really made you exercise your brain cells: Kind of handy when you have to face life threatening dangers in life and don’t have your cell phone with you.

Well, I asked the question one day, what if all of this current day technology existed back in the 1970’s, when I was a teenager? I did this one night while questioning what to do with the EnergyXT2.5 computer program I had purchased. So I sat down and started a six month journey of exploration in composition where I focused on some of the most popular musical ideas of the 1970's, as well as ideas from the present, to create a new album I eventually entitled "Bursting the Bubble I". Why Bursting the Bubble I, you may ask? Well, I won't really tell anyone why, until enough albums sell to pay off the mortgage on my house, if that ever happens one day, unless I drop dead first. (chuckling)

I figured that to really help this album sell, I would have to pick controversial ideas, as composition pieces, with the first new album. I finally settled for 12 titles I really liked. They are as follows:

On The Down Low
UFO Abduction
Orbital Dance
The Twilight Ballad
Spy by Starlight
Strutting the Walk

Tribal War Dance
Romance by Moonlight
Dune's Theme
Dove of the Blue Waters
Dew in the Morning Sky
The Sweetness of God's Spirit

Why these titles? Well, the world is a big place and anytime you can ride the wave of the success of others, you should always try to, if you want to get noticed.

“On the Down Low” was inspired by J.L. King’s controversial best seller book. While homosexuality is something many people do not like to talk about, I thought the hypocrisy that J.L. King spoke about concerning the world was something the album needed, to help get everyone talking about it: So I hoped anyway. "Romance Under Moonlight" focuses on the other side of the sex equation so that both heterosexual and homosexual sides are represented in the album with so much out in the open these days thanks to the Internet. If you need to sell a work, there is no harm in treading the coat tails of a controversial New York Times best selling book like “On the Down Low” and no one had tackled the idea of a musical theme to the book, so I thought I'd take a shot at the idea. What makes this instrumental interesting is that back in the 1970's, this topic would not have even been addressed in music, except in subtle suggestions. But remember, I'm mixing today's out of the closet mentality with the in-the-closet way of living back in the 1970's. Society has always been a hypocrisy with its sexuality through out history. What goes on behind closed doors is different from what society dresses up to portray in public. It's always been this way I might add.

“UFO Abduction” was a big topic in the 1970’s. My inspiration comes from the television series “The X-Files” and the Betty and Barney Hill abduction stories back in 1961. I wanted to take my hand at expressing the topic in this kind of computer instrumental form and frankly, it really sounds cool. My use of kettle drums cycling around and around between your ears, makes you think of the swirling discs a flying saucer uses, as you listen to this creepy, but flighty sounding instrumental.

“Orbital Dance” came when I was watching Chris Van Buren's film "Zathura". I was blown away by the CGI graphics showing the rings of Saturn and tried to imagined what it would be like in the movie to leave the front porch and go walking and dancing on those boulders that make up the rings of Saturn. Takes all kinds doesn’t it? (chuckling) But, I envisioned what a music video, with that subject matter, might sound and look like under that theme. The end result is Orbital Dance which everyone can easily dance to, both young and old. It's like a more modern day version of "The Hustle" which was popular in the 1970's. My cousin who passed away in 2009, use to love to play this all the time in his car. He said it always cheered him up when he was having a bad day. I sort of look at this as a more cosmic representation of the piece called "The Hustle" back in the 1970's which everyone loved to dance to.

While some of the pieces in this album are more diverse and complex, I thought it best to make one that was easy for everyone to hum and dance to, like when the music for "the Hustle" came out back in the 1970's. To make the simple theme interesting, it allowed me to really work the EnergyXT program into a kaleidoscope of colors while staying in the Bluefire band virtual reality stage arrangement I conceived, before constructing the arrangements. I wanted to make sure that each arrangement could be done live on stage with a defined band set up, if the opportunity should ever arise.

“The Twilight Ballad” was dedicated to my loner days and the time where I am now, as I am aging after a hard 59 years of living. Back in the 1971 there were songs like "Rider's on the Storm" by the Doors and I wanted to capture that kind of ambiance in instrumental form with this written musical piece.

The loner days, I think everyone goes through at some point in their life. I also thought of motion picture films like “High Noon” and “Twelve O’Clock High” which inspired me to write this piece. There are also many a country type of song that made me think up the theme for this piece. I think the arrangement is so beautiful, its a shame its coming into existence now when it would have sounded perfect back in the 1970's. Maybe a movie company will hear this piece one day and find it perfect for their motion picture film and pay me some long overdue royalties to my talents.

“Spy by Starlight” was inspired by many of the old spy movies form the 1940’s and 1960’s, as well as the more recent films like Spy Kids created by Robert Rodriguez. I wanted to take my hand at tackling such thematic music and pushed the EnergyXT2.5 program to its max with this one, which I don’t think the original software engineers thought could be done effectively. But I think I pulled it off. It’s fun to drive to, but only if you are being pursued by spies from another land perhaps or are the star of your own movie. (LOL)

“Strutting the Walk” was inspired by many of the John Travolta films of their day, especially the movie “Staying Live” sung by the Bee Gees back then. While it doesn’t sound at all like the Bee Gees....if you like Chicago type funk, you’ll love the way I tackled this arrangement next time you feel like “strutting your stuff” down the boulevard. I keep it with the style the album is written in, but I borrow beats and ideas that came off the East coast back in that time period to make this instrumental rock. It is one of the more complex pieces in this album I might add, but I love the way the finished mix came out when I was done.

“Tribal War Dance” was inspired by the 9/11 attacks on the New York Twin Towers in the United States. I saw the parallel between how we felt here in this country, when our land was invaded and how the American Indian felt when the settlers form Europe invaded this land, killing their children and woman under the name of the King of Spain or the Christian God because the American Indian was thought to be a "savage". All they were doing was defending their land and the killing of their children by what they saw was an invasion on their squatter rights. My focus was to make us think of the injustice done to the American Indian in their day when all they were doing was defending their land, so long ago, from invasion. They were in the right back then. Funny how history always repeats itself, but man never sees the pattern when it keeps coming back to haunt him?

“Romance under Moonlight” was inspired by an interesting combination of ideas one night. You see was a big Gene Kelly and Lisa Minnelli fan in my youth. One night, as I was contemplating my next music composition for this album, I got the idea of what it would be like if Gene Kelly and Lisa Minnelli met in a cabaret one night. Amidst the smoke filled room and low lighting, how might the two of them come together and dance for the audience that night? So I went to work composing the music I think would have been heard played by the band in such an improbable meeting. What I wrote, I think, was, I hope, a stroke of genius; where the trumpet takes on the masculine male role in the tonal duet dance I wrote and where the flute takes on the feminine female role. You wouldn’t think the way I combined the colors it all would work, until you hear it for yourself, but they do work. There is real magic in this piece.

“Dune’s Theme” was a melody idea I came up with back in my teen years on the piano, after reading Frank Herbert’s best selling book entitled “Dune”. I never did anything to pursue the theme after the movie came out, but always loved the melody progression idea I came up with. So, with the writing of this album, I thought it was time to take it all out of moth balls and give the world a taste of Dune in the style of Kevin Montague, hoping everyone would love the arrangement I came up with in Busting the Bubble I, as an extra addition to the new album. There are a lot of science fiction fans in the world and I'm one of them, but I prefer movies, over reading books, even though I've done a lot of reading as a scholar over a life time. So, I hope this addition helps satisfy those who hear his work and love science fiction, who may have been curious to see what I could do with the subject matter when given the chance.

“Dove of the Blue Waters” was taken from my spiritual song book and musically tells the creation story from the perspective of the Bible. The words are beautiful when you hear me sing the song, as I wrote it back at age 16. However in the Bursting the Bubble I album, all you hear is the instrumental arrangement for the song, not the lyrics. The lyrics are supplied at the end of these liner notes for those of you who would like to hear them. You wouldn’t know this was a spiritual piece when you hear it, because it is so much fun to dance to, given the arrangement I gave it on the EnergyXT2.5 computer program. Still, I have a reason for adding this to the first BB1 album series (well I hope it to be a series) which I hope also, one day, I'll be able to share the reason why, when enough people buy my work and I am able to release album number 4, if it all gets that far.

“Dew in the Morning Sky” was also taken from my spiritual song book. Again the lyrics talk about another facet of the creation story. Again the lyrics are not spoken in this all instrumental album, but you will love the colors used in the arrangement of the instruments. I did like very much the way this arrangement came out. The music will make you think of a morning glory sunrise, as you listen to the music. A very interesting combination of instrumental colors to say the least: Very inspiring and uplifting to dance to, as well as listen to, if all you want to do is fly away to a better land in your mind, where you are in need of escape from the real world one day. I loved to escape into my worlds made of music when I was younger. I have a chance to share some of those imaginary worlds through my music in this new album, as you listen to my work.

“The Sweetness of God’s Spirit” was the first real song I ever wrote while I was learning the guitar when I was age 16. I had been attending the Catholic Charismatic prayer meetings of the 1970’s while participating in the music ministry of my local parish when I wrote this simple song. I was only starting to learn music theory back then and with the help of a lovely gal named Helen Wilhide, I sung out this song, while she added the chords to my words and melody. Again you only hear the instrumental in this album, not the lyrics. After I got my second degree in music out of Loyola University at age 24, I one day hoped to sit down and do a full band arrangement for the song that people could sing and clap their hands to. Well, “this is it!” and I hope you will enjoy dancing and clapping your hands, as you sing thanks to God when you do, as you dance in spirit before God to thank Him for all He gives you with the great gift of life we all celebrate on this planet and in His Universe, as one people.

So, that’s it! The goal was to create 9 new secular pieces for this album, while taking 3 pieces from my spiritual song book; when I was a young composer, to make a full number of twelve original works available through the new album concept on CD Baby and their partners. I did write one extra instrumental that was not put on the album entitled "Race of the Wild Stallion" which is currently offered as a single on my artist page. I love horses and wanted something that tackled the subject from all the movies I loved on the subject. It was a toss up what to leave out if I was to meet my 12 song goal and so I left "Race of the Wild Stallion" out. Fortunately, just as I released the album, CDbaby started to make their first offer for single works and I was able to finally upload "Race of the Wild Stallion" as a single. So now you can purchase it all!

Everything was arranged and engineered in the form of dance music, California pop style; which I thought would be great for parties, driving, or just upbeat background music while at work or at home for those who love my music works. The job of any entertainer is not only to enlighten, but to also lift his or her audience up with their talents and I wanted this album to be an uplifting experience for everyone who bought it.

I also love motion picture theme music. So don’t be surprised, if my work has a flare for the dramatic in motion picture appeal at times, as you listen to my musical approaches in this album style. This was very popular in the 1970's too. Even the Moody Blues were well known for their mix of classical music and rock band style which was even reflected in the music of the Beatles, Elton John and many others popular artists of the day. I wrote what I knew I liked and hoped everyone else from the present generation, even from my own generation, would love the ideas I came up with also.

I even made the CD album cover in the style and design of the old vinyl album covers of the 1970's when you buy your CD copy of this album. That is why the jacket is cardboard when you buy it, given all the vinyl record albums that proceeded CD disc technology were all made out of cardboard. The stereo quality of this album you'll find is excellent, given I engineered the final work myself. It even has a side one and two side on the back of the cardboard, full color album cover. Pretty neat huh? (Yes, I know that a CD does not have a side one and two these days, but don’t tell me that. You’ll hurt my feelings if you do. I miss the old vinyl albums, because they remind me of my lost youth) :-)

The whole thing is quite charming when you buy a copy and play it on your home stereo system which will sound magnificent when you do! It’s even better with your earbuds on or a good set of expensive head phones. You won’t believe the quality of the album’s sound under the Bluefire Music Enterprise name! “It’s brilliant!” I think Harry Potter would say, if he was listening to my music magic! The sound sparkles like a jewel when you listen to the arrangements. I did a masterful job with the EnergyXT2.5 computer program I think. The engineering is ingenious too, as you listen to the master mix play with your mind and your senses, with each beautifully composed instrumental piece.

It’s so real sounding; you’ll hardly know you are listening to all digital music created on computer. Tell your friends I was "making real music without real musicians", while I out did himself with this fun filled album concept on the EnergyXT2.5 computer program. For the money, you get close to an hour’s worth of original music you’ll enjoy playing again and again. What a bargain!

The Bluefire band consists of two virtual reality drummers, bass, electric guitar, 4 member brass section, 2 keyboard sections, and piano. If you'd love a fusion of the music from the 1940's, 1960's and the 1970's, this album is for you, as the past and present come together in a fun filled way through the magic of today's computer technology! So, prepare your ears for a burst of musical pleasure, variety and enjoyment like you've never heard before, when you buy your own copy!!!
The last three instrumentals on the album were taken from my spiritual song book. What follows are the lyrics of those songs for you to read and enjoy. I wrote these three songs back when I was walking through my early and late teen years. So enjoy and DO BUY a copy of the album for your own home CD collection. You'll enjoy the music time and time again for whatever occasion you are celebrating!

On the first day, there was light;
Separating the day and night,
And the Morning’s tune
From the Evening’s song.
And the heavens were declared;
Set, embellished in seasoned air.
While a vault within the clouds
Would release a mystery:
And from the falling rain
Would come a mighty sea.

Then a dove flew o’er the waters:
Spoke the words from the Father,
And there was music in the deep.
For the drops that filled an ocean,
Stirred and jumbled like a potion,
And there was life in the sea.

From the first day, there was life
On the land and in the sky,
And a million suns
Ruled the passing days.
I have wondered of my fears:
Pondered deeply the life we share.
Asking, how it is we see:
Are there dreams only sleep must reap?>
Yet, in the Eve’ning’s light
A shadow haunts my eyes.

Once a dove flew o’er the waters:
Spoke the words from the Father.
Was he not speaking to me?
For the drops that filled an ocean
Stirred and jumbled like a potion.
Are we not lives in a sea?

Since that first day, I was born:
I have pondered the night and morn,
And the reasons why
I am who I am.
Yes, the heavens were declared
Set embellished in seasoned air.
But a vault within my heart
Would not let me come to see.
Yet, from my falling tears
Did come an answered plea.

For a dove flew o’er the waters:
Spoke the words from the Father,
And there was music in the tears.
For the drops that filled an ocean
Stirred and jumbled like a potion;
Poured from a heart full of fears.

Copyright Kevin F. Montague 1976 - All Rights Reserved

Dew greets a leaf in the fresh morning sky.
Up comes the sun and day is nigh.
Oh, rise the bright morning in God’s brand new day.
All is creation in His loving way.

Day greets the sky with a light of its’ own.
Filling the air with a warmth that is shown.
Then blows the wind in a bright sea of blue.
And so fills the air with life made anew.

Blessed be the morning light!
Blessed be the light of day!
Life is God’s creation.
Done in His loving way.

Land greets the sea in a painted horizon.
Touched by the sky, all three are one.
Comes the bright Spirit from heaven above.
Touching all life with God’s holy love.

Life greets the day in the darkness of time;
Given for drink, a new holy wine.
All is created in God’s brand new day.
Made for His plan in the light of His way.

Blessed be this holy light!
Blessed be the light of day.
This is His creation.
Done in His holy way.

Man greets the day with the fresh morning dew.
He beholds life all the day through;
Made from the sea, land and the sky.
So does he live in life’s loving eye.

Joy for the breath of life!
Bliss in the sight of day!
This is His creation.
Made for the new day.

God and man meet in the garden of life.
The Universe shakes at the cal of this sight.
Both are embraced in a deep woven love.
One that will last to make heaven above.

He is the morning light.
He is the light of day.
Life is His creation.
Done in His loving way.

Dew greets a leaf in the fresh morning sky.
Up comes the sun and day is nigh.
Oh, rise the bright morning in God’s brand new day.
All is creation in His loving way.

Copyright Kevin F. Montague 1975 - All Rights Reserved

The Sweetness of God’s Spirit is upon me.
His presence is like the scent of
the sweet, sweet rose.
But unlike the rose, He will last forever.
The sweetness of God’s Spirit is His love.

The Glory of God’s Spirit is upon me.
I am only a mirror reflecting this bright, bright light.
But unlike the mirror, I will live forever.
The Glory of God’s Spirit is His Love.

The Power of God’s Spirit is upon me.
Immersed in Him I will never, never die.
And yet, oh, Lord, how long must I wait for you?
The Power of God’s Spirit is His Love.

The Word of God’s Spirit is upon me.
His voice is like a rushing, roaring wind.
But, when Lord, will I be freed to live my life?
The Word of God’s Spirit is His Love.

The Grace of God’s Spirit is upon me.
Much like the water that washes ocean shores.
But unlike the shores, I am clean forever!
The Grace of God’s Spirit is His Love.

All Glory and Honor be to God the Father!
All praise and blessing be to His mighty Son!
And with them, sing your praises to the Spirit!
The Greatness of God’s Spirit is His Love!

Yes the Greatness of God’s Spirit…is His Love!!!

Copyright Kevin F. Montague 1972 - All Rights Reserved



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Behind this album is a man that with exceptional talent. You won't regret adding this to your music collection!!


A must have!
If you haven't heard Kevin Montague's cd Bursting the Bubble, you are missing out! Beautiful instrumentals that draw you in as you listen, making each song an experience. Each song is unique and while you will definitely know your fave by the end of the album (mine is Dew of the Morning Sky), they all blend so nicely into each other, you won't want to skip a track. You've got to buy it to listen for yourself! :)

Kathryn Saunders

Bursting the Bubble 1
I have this CD and boy do I ever like it. Its soothing and energizing all at once. I do have a favorite on this CD even though I like them all very much! My favorite is: "The Sweetness of God's Spirit" very nice.
This is a pretty clever CD unlike anything I have heard. Good Stuff Kevin! I look forward to your next album.


moving music
Every song on this album makes me want to listen to it again. Every song affects me. Some of the compositions make me remember old movies and TV shows that I grew up with. My hands down favorite composition is Orbital Dance. I cannot be in a bad mood after listening to Orbital Dance. Do yourself a favor and get this album.