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Zero One

Zero One is an artist straight out of Jo'burg that is a force to be reckoned with. Recently signed by the longest running underground events organiser in the history of Jo’burg, “Red Eye Productions”, he now has the muscle to take his art to a whole new level.

With almost 2 decades of dance floor, DJ and Production experience, Zero One has developed a unique style like no other.

Zero One has a very experimental, but distinct sound in his production and Live performances. His DJ sets are slick and smooth and offer a slamming journey every time. He has cemented a bond with Techno over the last few years, and is determined to expose only the best local and international Techno to the Jo’burg masses. Techno is Zero One’s weapon of choice.

He has a passion and drive for dance music that can be felt in his sets, offering a slick, stunning set at any given time for all crowds. His production has an uncanny sound, which is distinctly identifiable.

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Parties Played:

-Indpendance Day -Connectek Productions, July 4th 2009 (LIVE Debut as “Zero One”)

-Project Pulsate Launch Event - Featuring - STARSPINE, March 27th 2010

-Psychedelic Wednesdays @ Le Mix Club, June 2nd 2010

-Bridging the Gap 4 – Walker Production, June 26th 2010

-Resonance -Connectek Productions, August 28th 2010

-Trick or Treat -Walker Productions, October 29th 2010

-Love Psy -Project Pulsate, December 4th 2010

-The Suburban Rebellion, - AI, May 13th 2011

-Tswaing Crater Gathering – Mansion Records, March 3rd 2013

-Shape Shifters 6 – Underground SA & Red Eye, March 16th 2013

-Shape Shifters 7 - Underground SA & Red Eye, May 11th 2013

-Moksha – Mansion Records, June 15th 2013

-Illumination – Red Eye, October 5th 2013

-Positive Vibrations – Red Eye & Vortex, November 30th 2013

-Tswaing Crater Gathering – Mansion Records, February 8th 2014

-Shape Shifters 9 - Underground SA & Red Eye, April 19th 2014

-Life of Psi – Red Eye, May 31st 2014

-Shapeshifters XI – June 7th 2014

-Shapeshifters XII – July 12th 2014

-Life of Psi – Chapter Two – August 8th 2014

-Illumination – October 4th 2014

-Positive Vibrations – November 29th 2014

-Conscious Awehness – December 20th 2014

-Tswaing Crater Gathering V6 – 27th February 2015

-Wizards of Trance – Return to Gaia - May 16th 2015

-Illumination – Red Eye, October 3rd 2015

-Positive Vibrations – Red Eye – Vortex, 28th November 2015

-Techno, May 7th 2016

-Techno V2.0 25 Nov 2016

-THO - Cyber Attack July 2016

-Techno Ver. 3 Aug 2017

-Neuvos Psychedelic Gathering October 2017

-Elements of Life - Jan 2018