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It all began with his father′s performances. As a little boy Thomonic would accompany his father, an amateur musician who played saxophone, clarinet, flute, and sang, and his top 40 band on their travels through the music clubs of the German Democratic Republic and later to the post-unification parties in zoos and car salesrooms.

That is where Thomonic got to know the mystic beauty of live music. Inspired by these experiences, the desire to play a musical instrument grew in him. In line with his father′s wish he took up the clarinet when he was 10. That worked quite well for a time, but what Thomonic really wanted was to play the drums. When he was 13 he was given a small electronic drum kit. Thomonic′s brother-in-law then presented him with a complete sound system.

Now there was no stopping him. Thomonic hired himself out as an under-age DJ in a nightclub and as an electro-drummer in a hardcore band. So that his first spurs were not won in too one-sided fashion he also did service in the local brass band and in an ambitious school band, where his drumming skills were highly appreciated.

Around the same time an ageing drum-player from an orchestra tried to tame him with exercises on the snare drum, but failed miserably. The big, wide world was calling, so Thomonic left his home and his parents, to give himself the opportunity to be instructed in the finer secrets of the musician′s art in lands far away. A masterclass for music and the accompanying boarding school opened his ears. He even learnt how to sing, though he did not find life in a choir easy.

With like-minded colleagues he formed experimental bands and was fascinated to discover the world of improvisation. His fanatical admiration for the masters of jazz almost took him down the wrong road. Just in time he returned to his roots and realised the virtue of being open to all forms of music.

Musicology studies took care of the rest. Thomonic now really felt at ease and at the same time ready to take up the challenge of the piano. It proved however to be an unforgiving taskmaster. A different instrument had to found and acquired, an instrument which would unite in itself all those aspects of music which Thomonic had grown to love: the carefreeness of the clarinet, the aggression of the drums, the delicacy of singing, and the sonority of the piano.

At the end of a long odyssey Thomonic discovered the qualities of the bass. He took his first tentative steps on the acoustic bass guitar, before giving in to his partiality to electronic sound and taking up the six-stringed electric bass. Working from that basis he has been exploring the infinite depths of space and sound ever since ... on his own and unrestricted. And whenever he′s not in a lecture hall, introducing students to jazz and pop music, he′s doing productions in his home studio or out on one of his rare, but always exceptional live shows.