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Orbitarium Seclorum

Orbitarium Seclorum

In Greek mythology, Selene was a lunar goddess old daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia. Its equivalent in Roman mythology was the goddess Moon.
From various ancient mythologies have arisen various theories about the origin of the moon and its effects on human psyche and the planet, the moon in this work is seen as a very old space station came to this galaxy sooner than is believe, witnessing past eras where land flourished under another energy and universal knowledge, the arrival of this has been part of history by bringing floods and control the atmosphere of the earth radically changing the perception of humans to planet.
Its origin and age are unknown.
Through computers it has been known that the moon keeps living in a very different holographic reality of the real reality, dislocating the chakras and destabilizing the female to an order of 28 days menstrual cycles.
It is known that the composition of the moon is very different from that of the earth and there in his face hidden ancient monoliths and strange Cyclopean cities hidden by the authorities... more

Orbitarium Seclorum is:

Artwork, music, mixing, mastering by
Anton Galarce
Val - ghost voices