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Kevin F. Montague

A Summary Biography of Kevin Frederick Francis Montague: (KFFM on your radio dial)

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Kevin Frederick Francis Montague was born in 1956. The name "Kevin" means "handsome or beautiful of birth....kind". The name Frederick means "peace ruler" or "peaceful ruler". The word "ruler" means "lord" or "king". The name Francis was picked as his confirmation name after St. Francis of Assisi. The name means "Free" and Kevin chose the name because St. Francis loved all the animals when he walked the Earth. The name Montague means "Steadfast as a mountain". His fondest love has always been the arts and sciences, but music and making love are his greatest passions. Death always seems to stalk him too through life so his passions are akin to the poet Dylan Thomas who had similar focuses in life with his how work. At least both the music and love making use to be his passion, before he lost his health to contaminated sausage he ate at age 37, bought at a local Von's supermarket near his home which robbed him of 20 years of his life to a myriad of complications. The whole thing lead to his second full death encounter in life at age 44 with the first one happening at age 25. He has mastered much of his health complications which opened the doorway in our sciences to an entire new revelation discourse to how chronic disease works in organic life. You can hear more of his story on his website Here is the URL:

His main pursuits in life have been the arts, sciences and religions of the world, when it comes to seeking out absolute truth. At age 5 he asked his mother for a piano and lessons. This was detained, until he was in his 10th year of life; given he had been growing up in a poor middle class family setting.

His father loved music and so did his mother; but money was slow in coming in to buy his first piano and give him lessons. When a turbulent divorce, created by his mother, broke up the family at that time, Kevin had to transfer through three other grade schools, before his high school years. Initial custody went to his mother, until a fire in the apartment they were living him forced his mother to give custody to his father. Kevin was doing a science experiment which resulted in the Christmas tree that year catching on fire and burning them out of the apartment they were living in, also ruining his mother's ability to support him and his brother.

Under his father's care, Kevin attended Notre Dame high school of Sherman Oaks, with his brother Patrick. Kevin graduated "cum laude" (with honors) while qualifying as a California State scholar by his 17th year. This made it possible for him to attend the California University of his choice in 1974, but he had really hoped to go to the Julliard School of music and was encouraged to apply after a few years at Loyola University where he was a student of the arts and sciences. His brother Patrick had decided to attend the Naval Academy, while qualifying for the naval prep-school in Minneapolis. This was made possible through much assistance by his father, who helped his oldest son to qualify through much letter writing, so his oldest son could meet the right people to qualify him for his dream at the time. Later on, Kevin's brother, who did make it to the academy, decided to leave after qualifying; realizing it was not where he belonged. His brother was later to pursue the field of architecture, advanced business schooling and then real estate through the remainder of his life. Patrick married a nice gal named Mary Jean Acompora, but Kevin remains single mainly because of what took 20 years of his life away to chronic disease issues.

Kevin stayed focused on the arts, sciences and religions of the world all his life. He selected Loyola University of Westchester Los Angeles, as a California state scholar, because they had a fine technical Communication Arts and sciences program. The University also had greater interpersonal relationships between student and teacher over what UCLA had at the time; who was Loyola's competitor concerning the fields of study Kevin wanted to pursue in his life. His plan was to pursue the arts in his youth and then more and more the sciences as he got older with the hope of getting his doctorate work done, but God and the Universe sent him down a different path to fulfill that dream which even surprised Kevin as he journeyed through it all.

Kevin had great interest not only in all the sciences, but the technical side of the motion picture industry all his life; as well as his ongoing heavy desire to master music. You could sum up Kevin's interests into three subjects; arts, sciences and religions of the world, as he grew older. His initial love, out of all the religions, he has studied, is for the Holy Bible and all it teaches, when it comes to all the books covering the subject that forms the religions of the world. Kevin has had two full NDEs (Death Experiences). One at age 25 and a second at age 44. What he was exposed to changed him forever and for the first time he saw the Bible the way God sees it and not the way the world sees it. After his first NDE, he traveled through all the religions to see who had it right up against what he was shown in death. In the end, while his mother badly damaged him with her abuses toward him growing up, he returned to be the love he was meant to be, even as a boy and communicates all of this in his music writing to bring light to those seeking the light.

Upon graduation from Loyola University, Kevin walked away with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the field of Communications, while also being 15 units short of a second major in Music, before his scholarship money ran out. What was still needed were his performance classes. He would have been asked to put on a concert too to get his diploma. One of those works would have been "Tribute to a Wounded Spirit" which is these days beautifully recorded and arranged as an offering on his artist page. If the money had been there, one more semester would have won him a second bachelor's degree, but this time in the field of music. He also would have loved to have pursued a master's to get his doctorate of science degree and had even thought of pursuing a medical degree as he got older, given his love for studying the healing arts of all the cultures through his twenties and thirties. Seems destiny had that in mind for him in the end regardless.

He continued his studies in music, regardless, as well as all the other arts, sciences and the religions of the world on his own over the decades. During his University years, he worked as foreman at Magic Mountain’s Showcase Theater, helping to provide tech support for all the top name acts of the time that came through the famed theater, while working with a great company of people at the Magic Mountain Entertainment Division.

You can check out the Facebook page dedicated to people from that time era: Former Employees of Six Flags Magic Mountain.

He later left Magic Mountain, upon graduation from Loyola University, come March of 1979, and took on work in the Banking Industry for a while, only later to find himself offering his consulting services to engineering companies; doing technical publication work for them, which helped him make more money and grow in his knowledge of man's sciences. This avenue opened up for him when the new desk top publishing software and computers had hit the market place starting in 1986.

He eventually formed his own company name; Opal Star Industries, to attempt the marketing of private projects he was interested in. His desire was to first make his wealth before age 40, then look into creating a family for himself. He was moving quite successfully with this venture, after he brought together a group of people to help him make the company name work. However, when treachery arose among the members of the company against Kevin, he had to disband those members in favor of a more favorable network, he slowly walked himself into, while his cousin Charles M. Ryan, now deceased, stayed close to Kevin, supporting him financially with the fledgling company, along with all the money Kevin was putting into his project company name of what finally became Opal Star Industries: A name He continues to legally hold to this day. Today he is operating under the name of KFFMenterprises on the Internet and Bluefire Music Enterprises.

Come age 37, when Kevin was on the verge of top success with one of his products, The Million Dollar Bank Game, Kevin's health was put into severe jeopardy, when he bought contaminated sausage from a local Von's Supermarket near his home, an event that destroyed 12 years of hard work Kevin had put into making his company Opal Star Industries. The sausage he ate, in turn, resulted in creating in his body what is being termed these days as the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Fibromyalgia and that quickly lead into the Chronic Disease Process in his own body where allopathic medicine finally gave up on him and left him to die. He had fed he same meat to the golden retriever he had inherited from his father, whose name was Dianna Belle, and she fell into the same complications Kevin faced with his own body. Eventually Dianna Belle was covered in tumors and Kevin had them starting to form on his body, but he was able to shut down the process creating the tumors while writing about it in his new book THE SOLVING OF THE CHRONIC DISEASE SYNDROME:CDS/PD PROCESS.

Because of Kevin’s extensive scientific background, up to that time; and with the help of a great Naturopath by the name of Dr. Rick Santee, Kevin took man’s science beyond its current achievements, through private research, under incredible odds. He saved his own life, when all his doctors gave him less than six months to live; while unraveling the science behind all chronic disease issues in the body. He states that; ". . . the answers are in the science books, but no one has bothered to connect it all to God's word and put it all back into its divine order under God's laws. There simply is no money in getting people well; only in keeping them sick that keeps these discoveries from being made".

To celebrate his life with us all, he offers all of us are very recent work titled “Bursting the Bubble I”; a result of his years in computer science, combined with his advanced understanding of music these days, as well as his excellent ability, as a sound recording engineer. His artist page is growing as he pulls out of moth balls, all his old song works, which are being refinished on digital. He lost two decades to his health issues and knows he will never have the career in music he dreamed about since he was a boy, but he wants to make sure his works don't die with him. Thanks to the magic of CDbaby, he has a second opportunity to share the wealth spring of his imagination and thoughts on love with the world through the Internet.

Kevin does needs the money to help him save his home from foreclosure. He hopes you will support him, by buying copies of his music. He also has 1200 CDs needing new homes for his Bursting the Bubble I album. You can learn more about him on TheAstroboy9 channel, on YouTube and you can also find him on facebook under the name "Kevin F. Montague". To learn more about the biography to his story, read his story behind The Million Dollar Bank Game on these days.

Make him enough money and he’s prepared to grace us all with Bursting the Bubble II and III; for everyone to enjoy in the future, using the amazing new computer program called the EnergyXT2.5 computer program!!!

All we can say is; thank you Kevin F. Montague for bringing life and light through your music. The music is something the whole family can enjoy!