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Inf (who answers to Bas te Braak at family functions) began rapping in the early 90s. Forced to learn production to back his rhymes, he began making beats in 1995. Over the years, the need to scour records for samples has gradually consumed his life. Inf's bicycle can be found outside every record store and thrift shop from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. Lunch hours and sick days are mere corporate loopholes offering extended digging opportunities. Such behaviors have compounded over time, plunging Inf to the level of the socially inept.

Even so, Inf managed to produce two solo rap albums, Idiot Savant (2002) and Repeasant (2004), before retiring the mic and focusing his efforts on studio production and live instrumentation. In late 2007, Inf enjoyed the same-day release of two Dutch-language rap albums by perCeptie and Kapabel & Inf, both crafted by the bald head himself.

Inf redefined himself as a solo artist in 2009 by signing to Austin, TX-based label Beats Broke and releasing The Go Round - the first installment in what became his Infstrumental series. Fueled by "Power Moves, Baby," the record became an underground sensation, receiving glowing reviews comparing it to early works by DJ Shadow, Madlib and RJD2.

In 2012, he completed a feat of strength by pounding out an album in 10 days with Everliven Sound while touring the Netherlands. The end result was the Everlations album by the newly formed Everliven Sound & Inf. The following year, he dropped his second Infstrumental album Music For Crime Scenes. The title weaves an urban underscore of 70's crime scene investigation, powered by Inf's signature drum kit and vintage synths.

Inf currently resides in Utrecht, Holland, where he holds the world's most extensive collection of Hair and Hair-related LPs. The massiveness of his Hair collection — we're talking upwards of seventy pounds (31.8 kg) of sheer vinyl — earned him a spot as a DJ at the musical's Dutch premier. He has performed with notable act Defari, produced memorable remixes featuring KRS-One and Celph Titled, and dreams of one day forming an all-white Onyx tribute group called Ebonyx.