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Grant MacDonald




AKADEMIA AWARD Winner Grant MacDonald to be honored at the 2017 Gala Event in Los Angeles!

“A seductive and ambitious work of electronic witchery, 'Wild Stud' elegantly institutes a mazelike regime of cadence changes and aesthetic transmutations while delivering its sensual message.”

@grantmacdonald changed my life. A musical genius. / chanzig / Twitter

Ram Ranch is a musical masterpiece that should be compared to Beethoven, Mozart and Bach.
Will Hawkins @whawkins369 / Twitter /


I am so honoured and humbled to be called a “LEGEND” by THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD



RAM RANCH / I heard this on Forsen's stream and made me laugh so fucking hard. What kind of mind creates such a thing / zevex747

Probably the best thing ive ever seen in my life / Gage Hansen / You Tube

Cowboys even getting fucked in their sleep! / Austyn / You Tube

Best song ever! / JesusChatlineReuploads / you Tube

A fucking magnum opus / Kill Me Fam / You Tube

It's art. / Blaze It Alucard / You Tube

I LOVE you Grant! Go "Dalhousie Frat Boys!" You have the sexiest voice ever, Buddy! @BigStrongArms

Grant Macdonald Fanclub / This STEAM group is for die hard fans of Canadian artist,Grant Macdonald. From writing phenomenal songs to directing breath taking films,Grant has won over the hearts of an immense amount of people on the internet. He's a lyrical genius who studied drama at UCLA. An investment banker with family owned MacDonald Bank, he structured Getty/Reserve merger on Wall Street. One of his greatest smash hits "Jockstrap Cowboys" features some of the most unique lyrics. You'll be laughing and crying while listening to ANY of Grant's songs. All heil Grant! ///////////

JOCKSTRAP COWBOYS Swamp Dweller Jock strap cowboys...this is amazing! fag brah best song ever kappakelele This song is amazing. I like to songrequest it in twitch streams and people get mad. The first time I did it I was laughing so hard I cried commanderjosh44 +Martin Zelinka I got banned from lots of channels because I kept playing this xD FUCK YOU Still better than Justin Bieber ******************
Gonna feed ya cum! Jockstrap Cowboys! Get on ya knees and suck it! Suck that big hard horsecock! Deep deep deep deep deep deep down ya throat! Grabbin the back of ya head and rammin deeper deeper! Suck it … suck that big hard horsecock deep down ya throat! Oil that butthole … I want to fuck ya so deep so deep so deep deep! Rammin this big hard cock deep inside ya! Fucking ya hot cowboy hole! Lovin it here at the hottest ranch on this whole damn planet … RAM RANCH! 90 naked cowboys with hot butthole wantin to be fucked real deep deep deep deep! Naked cowboys wantin to suck big hard throbbin cocks n drink every drop of cum! Gonna own your hot holes n tell ya to bend over n spread those cheeks wide … real wide! Drink that piss drink that piss lick those balls horsecock throbbin hard want ya in the yard! Drink that cum ramming big hard cock deep down ya throat suckboy suck that big hard cock! Breeding ya fucking ya wanting ya loving ya riding your butthole deeper deeper deeper deeper!

Clayton Delaney / RDIO.COM / Ram Ranch / An absolute masterpiece. 'Ram Ranch' is truly lightning in a bottle.
Johnnyx & the Voodoo Wild ... a Rock Artist from Los Angeles, CA said: "Love It,...Unique,,,,never heard anything like..."
Robert Wine / RDIO.COM / pet sounds, sgt.pepper's, sticky fingers, nevermind, american idiot, etc. etc. etc. etc. and now grant macdonald's "hard cowboy cock"
Andrew Atchley / RDIO.COM / HARD COWBOY COCK / Looks like 2012 has found its "blonde on blonde" equivalent. Genius from beginning to end.
Andrew Atchley / RDIO.COM / Fuck My Butt Tebow / This needs to go viral somehow. Please, internet, make it happen!!!
Andrew Atchley / RDIO.COM / Stud / I am certain of a few things in this world. i know that the sun will rise tomorrow, i know that when i drop this apple it will fall to the ground, and i know that i can count on grant mcdonald to release an amazing cock-loving opus each tuesday. thank you, grant mcdonald, for being a rock in this rough ocean we call life.
Andrew Atchley / RDIO.COM / Suck This Cock Gavin / I don't know who grant mcdonald is, but he is prolific, and a genius.
Pumpin Big Hard Cock / Another Scorcher for 2013 / Andrew Atchley / RDIO
Butt Fucked / as american as chevy camaros and virgin buttholes... Andrew Atchley / RDIO
12 INCH COCK / This is pretty great I must say. I mean. The words on this powerful record really strike a new chord. I don't think I've ever heard anything like it. Grant MacDonald is a true visionary that the world will be truly honored to welcome once his art hits the masses. Samuel Baldwin/RDIO
COWBOY COCK / Maybe a bit derivative of Taylor Swift, and there's more than a hint of Toby Keith, but this is a promising first single. Looking forward to more from Grant Macdonald. Aroon/RDIO
“Your songs make me want to fuck!” … Cory Gilligan / Facebook
“Love those cowboys!!! … Maddy Lee / Facebook
Lockerroom Suckboy: Sexy as fuck … William Clement / Facebook
Grant you are awesome for a star! / Wilhelm Kuhn/ Facebook

I love schoolshower suckboy, you should have won a grammy for that! / RATko_MLadiC / Last.FM

Hey Grant. My name is Zack Caldwell. I listen to your music all the time. I even have the whole Ram Ranch album downloaded on my phone. I am getting all my friends to listen. Please. Please make a song about me or include me in it. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you very much Grant. Here's to big cocks! Please and thank you.

Just so that the rest of you know Grant MacDonald is the CEO and founder of a production label that produces music and movies. He is also an accomplished & published singer/ songwriter/producer/director/actor and my friend. So don't let those bedroom eyes, sexy muscles, and award winning smile fool you. He has hundreds of songs available on available for purchase. He's quite a hero himself. He has put himself out there in a way to pave a road for other gay, lesbian, transgendered persons to deal with/prevent persecution of those who do not understand. … You're worth the fame and fortune Grant! Love ya man * “listen to that sexy ass accent” …. RICK HEILMAN / FACEBOOK
Grant, the most humble man I know who has won many Grammy's on the stage known as life!!! … RICK HEILMAN/FACEBOOK

BLOW ME is a great rap tune. Angel Willis / Reverbnation

Hi, Thank you, my name is Alex Brussel in Belgium I like the title very sex I bought several pieces on Google Play ... I listen when I'm relaxing at home when I'm making love with guys. Good day to you and kiss I buy more titles and I'll follow you ... i lyke My playliste You musique very hot and sex ALEX SPORTIFF / Facebook Belgium