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Chris Big Money

Chris Big Money's name is a testament to his belief about dreams being accomplished regardless of money or life obstacles, and having artistic freedom. He supports the ambitious and upcoming.

Chris Big Money is the story of a young man, who didn't have much growing up. Never having food in his house, being in foster care, being bullied in school, experiencing sadness from having a broken heart, having drug addicted parents that were never home, and experiencing homelessness at the age of 19 are only a few of the many accolades that inspire Chris Big Money to make music. Chris is naturally a loner, a free spirit, a rebel, a vagabond, an individual,a weirdo, whatever you can think of. What ever impression you have of him, he is every accusation that comes with being a free spirit. He wants to find an avenue to be artistic and express himself in his own special way, which often conflicts with other people's interests or goes against status quo. Chris Big Money is someone who likes to push buttons and move forward. Only a few years ago while bussing tables at a local Mexican restaurant he worked at, the idea suddenly hit him. To use computers to make electronic music!

Chris Big Money was born in July 2007, when he created his first MySpace page to post his first recordings. The name Chris Big Money sounds ridiculous to people at first, but this is intentional for CBM, it is a testament to the story of his life. It represents his struggles to discover himself as a person, his disadvantages and challenges he faces every day, and the idea that the underdog can come out on top after all. Chris Big Money is one for the little guys, the independents, the kids on the sidewalks playing guitar and begging for change, the ticking time bomb in the back of the classroom, Chris Big Money is for these people.

Chris's music is a cacophony of various influences from his background with numerous forms of music, from the sub-genres of electronica (particularly ambient music, and club tunes), rock music, singer-songwriters, avant-garde hip-hop, downtempo, and the underground cultures within independent music (chillwave, psychedelia, shoegaze, and freak-folk). Chris Big Money has released three albums independently, since 2009 when his ambient/downtempo inspired first full length LP, "The Thought Process" was released in Winter 2009. July 2010 saw Chris Big Money get in touch with his inner childhood with the 80's inspired dance/pop music EP "Sunset Beach", which has accompanied with a genre-hopping full length remix album, "Sunset Beach Remixed: Afterdusk" released on Christmas Day 2010. You can safely say that Chris openly supports the "Do It Yourself" aesthetic of music, high-concept or independent, Chris maintains full control of what he does. It also helps to mention Chris studied Digital Media at Valencia Community College, he is also studying Arts/Communication and Business at the University of Central Florida. Chris Big Money is purely a by-product of his studies in college, and at his other institution "The School of Hard Knocks."

2011, Chris Big Money recognizes that his music, and personal interests have changed and evolved since first his first dabblings using FL Studio nearly 4 years ago. "Ultra Sinewaves EP" is a return to the experimentation that inspired Chris Big Money originally, a throwback which pushes Chris in a forward direction. The idea came from a recent trip to his second Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida this past March of 2011. The EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene has changed much in the past few years with the arrival of new technology, and the acceptance of EDM into the mainstream, particularly in North America with the success of many of Chris' fellow EDM contemporaries. "Ultra Sinewaves" takes your mind into many different directions in under 30 minutes, and creates a refreshing listen which is suitable for multiple occasions and times of day. Chris wants you to challenge yourself, and form your own interpretations of his prescription "pills" he has prescribed for his listeners. Enjoy the melodies, and vibrations of the Ultra Sinewaves and take a deep breath. Smile. :)