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Bunny Sings Wolf

" Like her life, her music tells a fascinating tale of a woman with a talent, a vision and a destiny that won't quite let go of her."
Rapid City Journal

“Bunny Sings Wolf brings a depth and generosity of spirit that speaks to the soul of Wyoming and the West” Spiritriders Leadership Outfitters, Buffalo, WY

Inspired by simple pleasures, Bunny has ventured a life lived close to the land, by savoring many hours of sitting serenely upon stones beneath singing cottonwood trees at sunset, listening for the sound of twinkling stars, dancing solitary bare feet upon moist soil under the misty moon, watching as the purple, pink then white "haired" sunrise clouds emerge as mountain breezes and gurgling spring waters whisper the songs of earth. This is the music still resonant in the sacred Black Hills, long thought to be the heart of everything there is in Lakota culture.

“Bunny performs with a quiet charisma that I find impossible to describe. She owned the stage the moment she appeared to speak a few words, pick up a flute and begin to play, and then to pick up her guitar and sing. Her voice is rich with just a hint of breathiness, and is a force all its own. Her persona is pure peace with an underlying humor that caught the audience and led them to howl along with her on the “Moon” song.” Rapid City Journal review of Bunny Sings Wolf Concert

Her music carries natural native earth connections seamlessly combined with the early pioneer spirit since she is descendant of relatives who fought on BOTH sides in the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Thus her human perspectives put her in the center of a circle where two worlds have clashed and from which she now heart-fully sends her voice for healing in the indigenous spiritual traditional ways of the four directions for harmony, balance, abundance, peace.

Her love of nature, countryside, laughter and happy humble relationship with diverse life forms from buffalo to bunny, wolf to centipede, with wisdom passed down from grandmothers and grandfathers, is reflected in over 400 songs that have awoken her from dreams, and because of the special ways they have arrived - vividly with flute harmonies and acoustic guitar and heartbeat drum playing as accompaniment - she has felt soulful commitment to learn them, and send her own gentle voice in attempt to recreate the music she hears, to "translate" the songs of earth to city dwelling humans who may have forgotten, been too fearful of the natural ways, or too busy with the man-made worlds of "civilization" to hear these songs from land and life firsthand.

She has found her voice, now sent for good relationship, to rekindle an ancient understanding and life-way depicted by the circle, number 8, the vortex, and in deep respect for seasons and cycles that show the wisdom, beauty and humble elegance resident within the heart of life’s most intimate feelings reflected in the natural worlds' grand designs of harmony, balance, abundance and peace. The spirit of all her songs and the cover songs she chooses to sing find their foundation in reflecting the Lakota theme/prayer - Mitakuye Oyasin - which roughly translated with respect, love and good intent for all creation, life and life forms, means "we are all related."