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Betty Bethards

Betty Bethards is an internationally known figure in the field of dream interpretation and meditation methods who was affectionately known as the "common sense guru."

Ms. Bethards passed away in 2002 but her messages live on through her books and downloadable seminars.

Ms. Bethards started a new path in life after she had a near-death experience when she was 32. At the time, she was raising four children in Seattle.

She wrote a book, "There is No Death," to offer comfort to the ailing and the bereaved, and started the Inner Light Foundation, to promote greater awareness of everyone's spiritual potential.

"She was gifted with the opportunity to go around the world and teach her findings -- her findings that life is school, that we are students and teachers of one another here in this earth plane," said a tribute on the foundation's Web site --

The tribute said her fans, friends and family were saddened by her death but honored to announce she had "graduated from the schools of life."

"One of the most important tenets of her teaching, for me, was that truth is within. She never encouraged a spiritual dependency or guru mentality, but rather helped others to develop their own spiritual path. It is from Betty that I learned how to meditate (and why!) and how to interpret my dreams (and again why!). For this I am grateful," said one woman who knew Betty.

In a 1983 book, "The Dream Book," Ms. Bethards explained the meaning of more than 1,600 dream symbols, and taught people how to remember and use dreams for inspiration and guidance. It has been translated into nine languages and there are now over 2,400 dream symbols defined in her revised book.

Included among her nine books are "Be Your Own Guru," "Techniques for Health and Wholeness" and "Seven Steps to Developing Your Intuitive Powers."

Ms. Bethards produced two series for the Public Broadcasting Service: the award-winning "Turn on Without Drugs," and "Middle-class Meditation."