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Alia Marie

You’ll never feel more empowered or be more in love with yourself than after listening to "Make Over Music" or experiencing Alia Marie, live! A lover of humanity and social critic, Alia Marie manages to parlay messages of self-appreciation and social awareness into her music without the self-righteous preachy know-it all attitude. “I can be critical of certain parts of my body, but I look in the mirror everyday and embrace the natural attributes that God has given me.”

Alia Marie seductively weaves “love your body” content into bass thumping, beat driven electronic groove. “Rebelectric Music” is the term she coined to describe her sound: “It’s definitely electronic but spliced with other musical translations. You’ll hear elements of Reggae and R&B, music I grew up on, and a little bit of a Brazilian electronic jazz influence.

Black female artists are expected to fit in the industry defined boxes and if we don’t, we find that musical opportunities are few and far between.” Taking the reins, Alia Marie produced and wrote the “Make Over Music” album. Her labor of love has placed her among the most talented, up and coming stars. “I Wanna Be a Model” is a bonafide single. Alia Marie declares she is beautiful, that women are all beautiful in all the sizes and shapes in which they come, in spite of the media brainwash that beauty can only come in sizes two through four. “I gotta big bootie, I got a tiny waist. I’m not a size zero, hell I’m not even a four but shoot I’m still pretty don’t act like you don’t know!” It’s the rah rah cheer to the individual’s self worth. “Beauty Queen” pays homage to the everyday women who exist under the radar but who are significant in our lives. “It’s not the way you style your hair, it’s not that anybody knows your name…we could never fill your shoes, it wouldn’t even matter how hard we tried.”

Make Over Music offers a refreshing perspective on the issue of body image and self-worth along side songs weighing in on relationships over a melodious electronic backdrop inspired by Reggae, R&B and Brazilian sounds. Whether at a pool party, a hipster lounge or trendy club-you will be engaged. “I’m not saying anything that we haven’t already heard but I can promise a visceral reaction to my music. If you are willing to hear me out, I can promise you that much.”